Herringbone Collection

Handwoven sterling silver pieces made completely by hand and featuring a beautiful herringbone pattern

The Kahlo Collection

Make your presence known with the bold, yet versatile Kahlo Collection. Crafted in Mexico by skilled silversmiths, the design features a polished, 1-inch wide, interlinked beaded sterling silver chain mail necklace, bracelet, and earrings . This necklace will wear elegantly draped at all points of the neckline. All Hand-made in Mexico. Box clasp closure.


Zandfeld Butterfly Collection

The Zanfeld Butterfly Collection features Silver and Gold Butterfly pieces crafted in sterling silver and ornamented with 14k gold dots. The Princess styled necklace features a cartier chain and a clasp closure.

The Breathless Collection

The Breathless Collection features highly detailed sterling silver and gold pieces depicted with lots of intricate grape vine leaves cast in 14k gold and beautifully embossed. The centerpiece necklace comes with a wide foxtail chain and box clasp closure.